The best books to read before you die

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Need something to read? Here are the best books to read before you die...

If you’re a book-lover then you will know that there is nothing quite like slipping into a different world, while life carries on around you. And while the way we read may have changed dramatically over the years, thanks to Kindles, iPads and smartphones, the fact is reading is still one of our very favourite things to do. It also turns out that reading is good for your health, too (book lovers rejoice).

Well we have taken the very hard decision of which book to choose next away from you and compiled our list of books to read before you die, so that you can jump straight to the good stuff. You can do almost anything while you read – sunbathe, drink a margarita, listen to music. Or, of course, you can do nothing. Studies also show that women are much bigger readers than men and that we finish books more often than men do.

But sitting down with a new book is a big commitment – after all, who really has the time these days? That’s why the books we love the absolute most are often those that have been recommended to us by others. That way we know they have been road-tested, because someone has already devoured every single page and said: ‘It’s wonderful! It’s gorgeous! It’s well worth your time.’ And more often than not it turns out they’re right, and it really was worth a read.

Well, consider that job done. Whether you love a family saga, a will-they-won’t-they romance or an against-the-odds life story, we’ve trawled through our bedside cabinets (and the piles of books that threaten to topple and kill us every time we get in and out of bed) and collected our very favourite reads for you. And once you’ve made your way through our edit of the books to read before you die, make sure to check out the brilliant books team Marie Claire are currently reading, too.

So here they are: the books that we can, hand-on-heart say that we really couldn’t live without. Some we’ve come back to again and again (hello, Heathcliff) others are relatively new but have captivated us all the same.

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