VIDEO: Mollie King's #NoMirrorChallenge

See what happens when Maybelline's newest ambassador contours without a mirror...

See what happens when Maybelline's newest ambassador contours without a mirror...

The beauty desk have a bit of a thing about Miss King; her dewy glow and tousled platinum hair make her a permanent fixture on our lust list.

We caught up with the Saturdays singer at the grand unveiling of her first Maybelline campaign for the new Master Sculpt Contouring Palette (which is designed to subtly enhance your features, not remodel your face - this is in our not so humble opinion how you should be contouring now), and asked her to try her hand at a contouring #NoMirrorChallenge, as well as grilling her for her favourite beauty products...

MC: What’s the first bit of Maybelline make-up you owned?

MK: When I was younger I was obsessed with the Olsen twins, (who wasn’t?!) and I read in a magazine once that they loved the Great Lash mascara, so I was like, ‘if I want to look like Mary-Kate and Ashley, I need that baby now’; so that was my first product. I think I must have been really young but I thought it made me look like an Olsen twin!

MC: What’s your worst fashion and beauty disaster?

MK: I had a fashion disaster with the girls – we were invited to the HSM3 premier and I was like ‘oh my god I’m going to meet Zac Efron and we’re going to get married,’ and we were wearing what looked like bin liners in different colours. In terms of make-up, I think when I started I felt like if I wanted to look like a pop star I needed to put loads on, and I’ve learnt over the years that you don’t need a lot and I also think it’s a confidence thing to learn how to knock it back a bit.

MC: Who are your beauty icons?

MK: I’ve always loved Brigitte Bardot and currently I love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Blake Lively – she’s my girl crush.

MC: What’s your go-to make-up look?

MK: If it’s red carpet look I love having a flick rather than a round eye. I really like a red lip as well but I do find that quite intimidating to draw on. If I’ve got somebody wonderful like Sharon Dowsett doing my make-up I’m like ‘I want a nice strong lip colour’, but if I do it myself I look like a bit of a clown.

MC: If you could only take 5 beauty things to an island what would you take with you?

I would take Baby Lips, Elnette hair spray, a contouring palette, Brow Drama and Great Lash mascara. And SPF!

MC: What’s your favourite fragrance?

MK: The new Giorgio Armani one – Si.

MC: What are your staple Maybelline products?

MK: I love the Brow Drama - it’s so easy and I worry sometimes about drawing on my eyebrows with a pencil about it going. I also love Baby Lips, the contouring palette and the Peach Poppy lipstick.

MC: What are your festival beauty essentials?

MK: I think for a festival it’s better to do a ‘less is more’ look, because it’s quite warm. I’ve just been to Milan and thought I’d put quite a lot on because it was warm and wanted to keep it on for photos – I couldn’t have been more wrong. When you put loads on in the heat it instantly just fades away and you look patchy and blotch. Try a flick that’s going to last for a long time, then keep everything else quite simple. 

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