Tina Brown's Royal biography claims Harry wanted to marry Meghan "as quickly as possible"

The rollicking biography spares no punches

An explosive new Royal biography penned by renowned journalist Tina Brown, has made several new claims about the Firm, one of which is that Prince Harry rushed to tie the knot with Meghan in an effort to protect her. 

Brown’s new book The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor came out over the weekend and has been hailed as surprisingly revelatory. Brown, who is the celebrated ex-editor of Tatler and Vanity Fair and published the Diana Chronicles in 2007, made several revelations in her new Royal instalment. Brown writes that Prince Harry sought to marry his then girlfriend Meghan “as quickly as possible” so that she would receive the same police protection as a working royal.

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Prince Harry, who first met Meghan in 2016 after being set up on a blind date at Soho House’s Dean Street Townhouse, proposed to the then-actress at the end of 2017 and the couple were married on 19 May 2018.

Brown's claims that the majority of the Royal family, including the Queen and Prince Charles liked Meghan, but Prince William had reservations. Brown continued that, according to a former Palace advisor, William was concerned for his brother’s “mental fragility” and speculated that the media circus around a royal engagement may lead to more “scorching scrutiny and harassment” than Meghan or Harry could endure.

While Brown spares no punches throughout the biography, she holds a special reverence for the Queen and, interestingly, Kate. She refers to the Duchess of Cambridge’s even temperament throughout the book, writing that although some questioned “whether a girl of such unexalted origins could ever successfully evolve into a future queen…[n]ow the only question is how the House of Windsor could survive without her.” 

Brown continues, that Kate has become, “a savvy dynastic strategist who wholeheartedly buys into both the monarchy’s mission of duty and its priority of survival."

Juliana Piskorz

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