Why The Crown viewers are making this complaint about Charles

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Dominic West as Prince Charles and Elizabeth Debicki as Diana in Season 5 of The Crown
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If you've been binge-watching the latest series of The Crown, you'll no doubt have realised that there's been a change in actors - however, some fans are saying the same thing about the switch-up of the cast.

Season 5 appeared on Netflix last week and royal fans couldn't get enough of the series, which is currently exploring what happened to the royal family in the 90s - including the fallout between Princess Diana and her then-husband, Charles

As well as Imelda Staunton taking over from Olivia Coleman to play the Queen, there have also been changes for the roles of Diana and Charles. With Elizabeth Debicki doing an amazing job of Princess Diana, some fans think that Dominic West, who plays Princes Charles in his 30s, is way too good looking to play the royal - who is now our King.

Fans have taken to Twitter in their hundreds to complain that The Wire star is too handsome to play the then-Prince, with one even claiming: "Dominic West is too hot to be Prince Charles."

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Another joked: "You can absolutely tell that Dominic West is too hot to play Prince Charles because during the re-enactment of the tampon call it wasn't totally cringe I was like wait, he's making some interesting points." 

Even the actor, who also appeared in The Affair, admitted that he doesn't resemble Charles, telling Entertainment News that he was baffled when they asked him to join the cast: 

"I said, 'You've got the wrong guy, I don't look anything like him.' I was slightly in despair, you know, how was I going to get the physicality of this guy. 

"Because the only time I really look like Charles, is from behind, because the hair is just perfect."

However, the star has recently praised Debicki's portrayal of Princess Diana. The Australian actress took on the role from Emma Corrin, who played Diana as a teen.

West told Digital Spy :"I remember the first day when we did these camera tests, and I walked on the set of The Crown at Elstree, which had been the set for four seasons – very successful seasons – with a crew, a lot of whom had been there for the whole time, and with this incredible actress.

"And it was utterly intimidating. I felt like I had a lot further to go with my Charles. So it wasn’t a great day for me that day."

The Crown season 5 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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