This sweet video of Meghan and Harry's Cinderella moment is going viral

This is just lovely

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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If you've ever dreamt of having your own fairytale moment, with a Prince coming to your aid and helping you with your shoe, then you'll love this clip which has gone viral among royal fans. 

The Tik Tok video shows Prince Harry and Meghan Markle coming to a teenager's aid as her shoe slips off just as she meets them. It has had over 600K likes, with the social media user @patriciajinr writing: "That time that Prince Harry and Meghan had a Cinderella moment."

The video shows Prince Harry, who is just about to release his highly anticipated memoir, helping the teenager when he appeared at an event with his wife Meghan back in 2019 during a visit to Capetown - and fans love how it shows the couple in a different light. 


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As the video starts, we see Meghan talking to a pair of teenagers. As Harry appears behind them, a woman encourages the girl to turn round and meet him, but as she does the girl's shoe falls off. Harry is the first to bend down and try to pick it up and help her, while Meghan also then offers to help.

The girl, who starts to get flustered, grabs the shoe herself and tries to pretend that the incident didn't happen in front of two of the world's most famous people and the world press.

The video didn't surface in 2019 when it was filmed, however, it has now gone viral after being posted on social media. 

Royal fans believe the sweet video shows the world the couple's true personalities, with comments such as: "He’s so humble and sweet, like his mother." 

Another TikTok user agreed, saying: "Harry you're such a gentleman."

While one more fan said about the Cinderella moment: "Prince Harry being a gentleman..he's the son of Princess Diana that's why!"

Others praised them both, with one leaving a comment which said: "Look at them... no airs, genuine humble... beautiful souls."

How sweet!

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