Knitted corgis are being hidden around the UK to celebrate The Queen's Jubilee - how to find yours

If you do find them, they're yours to keep.

If you do find them, they're yours to keep.

You'll likely know that The Queen's Platinum Jubilee is set to go ahead later this year.

In June, from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th, Brits will celebrate and are being given an extra bank holiday on that weekend to mark the occasion.

But that's not the only planned celebration, as the London Women's Institute (WI) has this week revealed that they have a rather canine surprise in store for you, too.

In the months leading up to the big day, the charity will be planting knitted toy dogs in secret spots around London for you to find.

They'll all be replicas of Her Majesty's breed of dogs - that is, they'll all be corgis - and will be called Winnie's, after the Women's Institute.

Fun fact: if you're lucky enough to find a Royal corgi, you're welcome to keep it as a special, limited edition piece of memorabilia.

Not only that, but one special corgi will have a code attached which will indicate that you've won an even bigger, once-in-a-lifetime prize - that is, you'll be invited to an exclusive Jubilee lunch on June 5th in London, where a whole host of VIP's will be in attendance.

Her Royal Highness with one of her corgis

Getting to keep a once-in-a-lifetime piece of Royal memorabilia and attending an actual Royal event sounds pretty good to us. 

This comes after footage of Her Royal Highnesses' corgis interrupting a Royal engagement went viral last month - and for good reason (it was adorable).

Chatting to The Telegraph, chair of the WI Ann Jones said: "Knitters of all skill levels are encouraged to join in [in making the corgis], with the pattern designed for those at a relatively beginner level."

"For those lucky ones who find the corgis, they can visit the WI website to map where they have found it and also post on social media using hashtag #WheresWInnie."

"We hope that WInnie the corgi will brighten the day of anyone who finds her."

Don't worry - the event isn't just maintained to London. The plan is to roll out the treasure hunt across the whole of the UK, starting in May, one month before the Platinum Jubilee.

So, will you be going on a treasure hunt to find one of the corgis?

Ready? Steady? Go!

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