How Kate Middleton 'asserted her authority' over Prince William

The Princess of Wales 'wants to be perceived in a powerful way'

Prince William Kate Middleton
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Prince William and Kate Middleton are often praised for being a relatable royal couple, whether it's down to the fact that after a day of duties they enjoy an evening on the sofa with a takeaway or that they row just like the rest of us

The Princess of Wales is 'very much the calm one' according to royal author Tom Quinn, but that doesn't mean that she is a pushover by any stretch. In fact, the royal household were so impressed with Kate's stoicism and resilience during a brief split from William in 2007 that it is said to have cemented her future role as Queen

Now, one body language expert has claimed that Kate exuded power and position during a recent outing - and very much 'asserted her authority' with husband William. 

According to expert Darren Stanton, she was able to hold her own at the St Patrick's Day Parade celebration with the Irish Guards last week where she made her first appearance as Colonel of the Regiment - a role that she took over from William when he transferred to Colonel of the Welsh Guards. 

On behalf of Betfair Bingo via the Mirror, Stanton explained: "Kate appeared very confident as she exited from the car, while William accompanied her in the vehicle.

"I would definitely say Kate was dressed in her superhero colour, which is usually red, blue or turquoise. It's clear she wanted to stand out from the crowd and assert her authority over William and the other guests.

"She tends to opt for these superhero colours when she wants to be perceived in a powerful way.

"As this was Kate’s first appearance as Colonel of the regiment, she clearly wanted to state her position and make herself known amongst the crowds in the bold colour."

He added that she 'appeared extremely confident' in her stance while William was 'more reserved in his approach' so as not to overshadow his wife. 

Stanton continued: "I definitely believe Kate was at her strongest during the parade in respect of her levels of confidence. Obviously, William is used to these types of events after being in the army, however, Kate clearly took the engagement in her stride."

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