Why Camilla Parker Bowles was once left 'very upset' by a post by Meghan Markle

Apparently the Duchess of Cornwall felt 'overshadowed', according to a Royal source

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Apparently the Duchess of Cornwall felt 'overshadowed', according to a Royal source

The same week that a never-seen-before chapter in Harry and Meghan's unofficial biography Finding Freedom has claimed that the Royal family were 'quietly pleased' when Meghan didn't attend Philip's funeral, it's also come to the fore that there may be ill-feeling between Camilla Parker Bowles and Meghan Markle.

A Royal source claims that the Duchess of Cornwall felt 'overshadowed' by the Duchess of Sussex in March last year when Meghan shared what Camilla felt to be an ill-thought through social media post.

It's reported that Camilla felt her trust was betrayed as she delivered a speech on domestic violence, a subject she's long been passionate about and campaigned for.

On the day, Royal sources claim that by sharing a post on social media about being at the event, Camilla feels Meghan overshadowed her.

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Meghan shares images of her watching Camilla's address and sources say, as a result, that Camilla was 'very upset.'

It had been made clear that Camilla was to be the focus of the engagement after spending many years planning the occasion and making sure no other Royal events were to clash with it.

The source said: “Camilla’s work is very important to her and her decision to highlight the scourge of domestic violence at the 10th anniversary of Women of the World was a carefully thought-out plan."

“Over the last four years she has worked tirelessly, mostly behind the scenes but to great effect, to use her platform and personal experiences to highlight the issue and help sufferers."

"Of course it was known Harry and Meghan would be doing engagements this week, some privately, but everyone was in agreement that Camilla’s speech should take p recedence. Unfortunately some people had other ideas.”

Other domestic violence campaigners and supporters applauded the Princess of Cornwall for her ongoing hard work and dedication to the cause.

Talking about launching her new campaign, Camilla said on the day: "As a somewhat ancient technophobe, is not always familiar with some of the jargon younger people use today, but I do know about hashtags."

“And now I am using my very first one: #everyonesproblem. Domestic abuse is everyone’s problem and the solution must be too."

“I find it almost impossible to think any friend of mine might be living under that horrific threat, without my knowing it, but that is the power of coercive control and violence in the home."

“It is characterised by silence. Silence from those that suffer, silence from those around them, and silence from those who perpetrate abuse. This silence is corrosive."

"It leaves women, children and men carrying the burden of shame. It prevents them from speaking out about the abuse and it prevents them from getting help. And at its worst it can be fatal.”

Of course, Camilla isn't the only family member passionate about ending violence towards women, with both Harry and Meghan campaigning too, but sources say that on this occasion, it might have been best to let Camilla have her moment.

Whether Meghan was trying to support or overshadow remains to be seen.

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