Brexit speed debate

WATCH: Still unsure about the EU Referendum? Time to make up your mind

June 23rd is just days away. Still unsure? Watch our Brexit speed-debate with Team Leave and Team Remain

We’ve heard the shouty politicians, we’ve watched the TV debates and we’ve been flabbergasted by some of our Facebook friends’ leanings (‘well now, I never had her down as an outie/ innie’ *pouts with outrage*). And with 23rd June’s EU Referendum fast approaching, Marie Claire invited two key women from the UK’s official campaign groups – Munira Mirza from Vote Leave and Lucy Thomas from Britain Stronger in Europe to battle it out for your all-important vote.

We asked the questions you wanted answering, on the issues directly affecting young women in the UK today: Will leaving make it more difficult to buy my own home? Will my expat friends be at risk of deportation? How will all this affect my maternity rights and equality at work? And frankly, will leaving mean we nose-dive straight into another bloody recession?

If you’re still undecided on whether you’re in or out, watch Marie Claire’s speed-debate to help you decide.

Best bit? It’s all under 5 minutes long (no time for waffling here), so you can speed-cram the facts while eating your lunch/ waiting for the bus/ brushing your teeth. Just make sure you’re #EURefReady


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