Too sexy? Agent Provocateur’s racy kidnap ad

Agent Provocateur's latest advertisment has caused a media furore for depicting a kidnapping - see the images for yourself, here

The racy Agent Provocateur video to promote its new limited edition Soiree Gold collection has been cleared by the Advertising Standards Authority despite a complaint suggesting it is disturbing.

Intertwining sex and horror, the upmarket lingerie brand defended the advertisment, which features a brunette being dominated by a quartet of beautiful women in risque underwear, as highly stylish and clearly fictional.

The ASA cleared the ad, stating: ‘We acknowledged some viewers might find scenes distasteful but considering the stylish and fictional content of the video it was unlikely to be interpreted by most viewers in the way the complaint suggested.’

‘We considered the ads did not demean women and were unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence to visitors to the Agent Provocateur website.’

The short film attracted one complaint from a viewer who says the ad is offensive as it is misogynistic and disturbing but Agent Provocateur insist that sex and horror have always been woven together.

With pounding music in the background the woman runs in a desperate bid to escape female intruders, wearing suspenders and provocative lingerie, before being converted by the models and emerging in an ivory underwear set.

The ASA say the ad was unlikely to cause fear or distress without justifiable reason concluding that the ad does not breach the code.

WATCH the Agent Provocateur video here and let us know what you think.


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