Should women stop wearing bikinis after the age of 39?

Seven out of 10 Brits think women should stop wearing bikinis after the age of 39, a survey says

Judging by this photo of 59-year-old model Marie Helvin and the paparazzi shots of Helen Mirren in that iconic red bikini, older women can look great on the beach.

But new research, from catalogue retailer has revealed that 70 per cent of Brits think that women should stop wearing bikinis when they hit the age of 39.

In contrast, 60 per cent of women disagree, thinking ‘factor 30’ should apply to suncream and not beachwear.

The study was commissioned to mark the release of a new range of Shapewear bikinis from, designed to fit and flatter more mature figures and modelled by Marie Helvin.

Helvin, who once modelled nude for photographer ex David Bailey, says: ‘Who says women should be denied the right to wear a bikini just because of their age?’ 

She add: ‘Like every woman I’ve gone through the experience of my body changing with time. As the years go by you get to know yourself better, and learn what works for you.

 ‘It becomes even more important to find clothes that fit, flatter and help overcome the confidence issues that all women share,’ she adds.

Do you think that women should stop wearing a bikini once they hit 40? Or do you agree with Helvin that women can look fabulous in a bikini at any age? Let Marie Claire know your thoughts by posting a comment below.


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