This exhibition exposes the truth about Irish abortion laws

This weekend, the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign is bringing the award-winning NOT AT HOME exhibition to London

Abortion laws

This weekend, the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign is bringing the award-winning NOT AT HOME exhibition to London

The immersive NOT AT HOME installation recounts the stories of the thousands of women who are forced to leave Ireland every year to access safe abortion services, due to Ireland's strict abortion laws, and allows guests to follow in their footsteps. Having previously taken place in Dublin, the exhibition is being brought to London by the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign.

Co-founders of the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign, Cara Sanquest and Hannah Little were honoured at the Marie Claire UK 2017 Future Shapers awards and heralded as women’s rights warriors. Their tireless work and efforts helped force the UK government to pledge NHS funding for abortions for Northern Irish women this summer.

abortion laws

Abortion is illegal in almost all circumstances in both the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland. It carries a lengthy prison sentence for anyone who procures or assists in a termination.

Created by Emma Fraser and Grace Dyas, the exhibition was a response to hundreds of anonymous testimonies from women recounting their journeys of travel through their website, Not At Home Ireland

The London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) is a grassroots organisation working for the introduction of free, safe and legal abortion across the island of Ireland

Maeve O’Reilly of the ARC said: “We’re grateful to the creators of NOT AT HOME for bringing their installation to a new audience in London. Few here are aware of the huge numbers who travel to Britain every year to access safe abortion services as a result of Ireland’s abortion laws. There are no exceptions for rape, threat to health, or for those carrying a foetus that will not survive outside the womb. NOT AT HOME will provide guests with an insight into the lived experience of Irish women who make these journeys every day.”

Marie Claire is proud to support the ARC and continues to stand strong against attacks on our rights. We believe that every woman deserves affordable, accessible reproductive care. Join us in speaking out to say #HANDSOFFOURIGHTS

NOT AT HOME will take place from 3-8pm on Saturday 16th December, and from 12-8pm on Sunday 17th December at Platform in Southwark . The event is free of charge and no tickets are required.

Words by Victoria Fell

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