Boots and Somerfield branded ‘eco-villains’ by Greenpeace

Two of biggest high street names branded 'eco-villains'

TWO OF THE biggest brands on the UK high street, Boots and Somerfield, have been labelled ‘eco-villains’ for failing to guarantee that their tissue and toilet paper are environmentally-friendly.

A new table complied by Greenpeace of Britain’s retailers and manufacturers ranked the two companies bottom because they used very little recycled paper or bought pulp from unsustained forests.

Greenpeace has branded Boots as ‘completely inadequate’ as the chemist chain stocks just one environmentally-friendly tissue product, despite making a promise back in 1992 to source its timber and paper products from well-managed forests.

Somerfield, the sixth largest supermarket chain in the UK, had a ‘terrible’ record, according to the environmental charity. The chain told Greenpeace it had no strategy for using forest-friendly fibre and was not available for comment.

Boots admitted that it could improve the certification of its wood, paper and pulp.

Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s both came up trumps by selling almost all ‘green’ tissue and toilet paper, but were still advised to increase their recycled content.

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