Are you turning into your mother?

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  • ‘I’ll never be like my mum.’ We’ve all said it, but if you have begun to notice a few comparable traits, you’re not alone. Research suggests that women start to turn into their mothers around the age of 32

    If you thought you’d never turn in to your mother, think again! Findings suggest that 48 per cent of the nation believe that they are ‘turning into their mothers’.

    In a survey of 1,000 British men and women it was found that 32 was the age at which we are most likely to morph in to our mothers – characterised by worrying, watching soaps and going to bed early.

    Tamsyn Johnston-Hughes, CSR Manager of Hallmark (the company that conducted the research), says: ‘Like it or not, it’s no surprise that we mirror our mothers, especially when 37 per cent of the population hold their mothers up as the most inspirational person in their life.’


    According to the study, women are are far more likely than men to undergo this transformation with two thirds of us admitting we are turning into our mothers compared to just 33 per cent of men (though researches did find that half of all men still revert to using their mother’s phrases!).

    So whether you’re in awe of you mother or have vowed never to adopt her traits and habits, the chances are that you’ll end up just like her in the end according to behavioural expert, Judi James.

    ‘Despite our common desire to be ourselves and develop our own individual personalities with unique characteristics, most behaviour is learned or copied and much of that has been implanted at an early stage in our development when our main influencer is our mother,’ she says.

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    ‘Much of this adherence to copying our parents is down to basic survival behaviours,’ says Judi. ‘The fact that you picked up a few less ‘life-essential’ traits along the way is just part of the evolutionary process.’

    So if you find yourself asking ‘What did your last slave die of,’ or telling someone, ‘It’ll all end in tears,’ then don’t be alarmed. Whether we like it or not, our mother’s habits will inevitably begin to emerge and there is very little we can do about it.

    Are you turning in to your mum? Is she your biggest inspiration? Perhaps you don’t think it is inevitable to turn in to your mother? Let us know thoughts below.



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