Wendi Murdoch: The rise of the alpha female

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  • Wendi Murdoch became an unlikely heroine after launching an astounding defence of husband at the phone-hacking hearing

    Wendi Murdoch became an unlikely heroine after launching an astounding defence of husband at the phone-hacking hearing.

    She leapt to her husband’s defence after a protestor flung a foam pie in his face and attempted to punch the 80-year-old.

    But Jonnie Marbles couldn’t quite land his blow before Murdoch’s 43-year-old wife raised her arm and launched herself at the activist.

    Marie Claire asked body language expert Judi James what was behind the strike.

    ‘There were several signs of suppressed aggressive arousal in the build up to the event,’says Judi, ‘with Wendi digging her fingertips into her knee.’

    ‘She was showing concern, anxiety and even what looked like anger at the killer questions, by either leaning forward protectively or sitting back with her arms folded. When her husband was then physically attacked the anger that had built up was suddenly unleashed. Her response was spontaneous but amazingly focused and sustained.’

    Many were surprised at the former volleyball champion’s actions, but as she struck Marbles down she certainly sent out a clear message to Murdoch’s critics – that she and her husband were going to put up a fight.

    More though than just her husband’s defender though, Murdoch’s third wife has been very successful in her own right.

    She has an MBA from Ivy League university, Yale, where she studied business and has frequently played an important role in Murdoch’s business in China. She is now a film producer.

    The couple met in Hong Kong in 1997 and bonded over a shared passion for business.

    Wendi Murdoch: Rise of the alpha female

    After this week’s events, however, it looks like Wendi might be taking charge and showing herself as a true alpha female.

    ‘Dominance signals started to emerge, particularly where she touched her husband on the arm to remind him to stop gesticulating,’ added Judi James. ‘Rupert, however, seemed quite happy with the directive.’

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