What to do if you've been affected by the Grenfell tower fire

A helpline has been set up for anyone concerned about friends or relatives

tower block fire

A helpline has been set up for anyone concerned about friends or relatives

A number of fatalities have been reported after a fire broke out at the Grenfell tower bloc, on Latimer Road, in North Kensington in the early hours of this morning. Forty fire engines and around 200 firefighters have been called to the scene, to tackle the blaze in the 24-storey building. The Metropolitan Police have set up a helpline for anyone concerned about family or friends.

The number to call is 0800 0961 233

London Mayor Sadiq Khan declared the fire a 'major incident'. Twitter users should follow @LondonFire for updates

It is not yet known how many people have died in the fire. However the BBC reports that 50 people have been taken to a number of London hospitals. Eye-witnesses reported seeing torches and mobile phone lights flashing from the upper storeys, and heard people's screams for help while the fire raged through the building. A man standing 100 metres away told reporters he was 'covered in ash', while residents who managed to escape described stepping over dead bodies

St. Clements Church, 95 Sidar Road, W11 4EQ is accepting donations for those affected in the fire. Twitter users and MPs have urged anyone who can help to donate food, clothes, blankets and toiletries. Clement Attlee Hall & Central Gurduara Sikh temple are also offering refuge for those affected.

The cause of the fire is unknown. In 2016 the tower block was found to be a 'medium' fire risk after an assessment, however residents had raised a number of concerns about the risk of fire for several years prior.

Rosie Benson