This ‘Wine Workout’ Is Our New Favourite Exercise Routine

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  • Cancel the gym membership...

    This is not a drill: the wine workout has arrived and it looks set to revolutionise the way we exercise.

    California girl April Storey is the genius responsible for a hilarious video which depicts her turning her bottles of vino into hand weights, and rewarding herself whilst doing pressups with a sip of wine from a strategically placed glass on the floor.

    The 15-second video was posted a while back but recently went viral after Star Trek actor George Takei tweeted: ‘Quit wine-ing and work out’ to his 9 million followers – with a link to her video attached. April has since appeared on US television and said of her video inspiration: ‘I saw the wine there and I’m like, ”you know, that would be kind of funny to incorporate wine into this workout video.”

    Check it out below…

    ‘I wanted to show that fitness can be fun and also to illustrate that you can work out anywhere. You can incorporate fitness into your everyday life using everyday household items’ she continued.

    But does April actually recommend incorporating vino into your everyday gym sessions? Actually no…

    Storey said she usually works out six days a week from home whilst looking after her 1-year-old daughter and actually consumed about half a glass of wine whilst filming the vid – but she did acknowledge National Drink Wine Day recently with a follow-up, which shows how one can perform a boozy squat and a boozy lunge with a bottle of wine in tow.

    Clearly this is absolute genius and a godsend for the time-pressed modern woman. Not only can we workout at home and tone up in the process, but we can use these wine workout sessions for our very own solo pre-drinks, too. Or, because the postive health implications of drinking wine before bed have been revealed, we could just cut the work-out part out completely and still reap the benefits.

    We reckon this is only mildly more entertaining (because it gets us tipsy, obvs) than the absolute LOL-fest which was the ‘Prancercise’ workout video that took the internet by storm back in 2012, which you can watch below.

    Exercise literally never looked so good.

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