These housemate horror stories are so disgusting they’ll make you want to live alone forever

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  • 'Didn't clean his teeth for first 6 weeks of house share.'

    Renting a house sucks for various reasons: extortionate rent, cramped spaces, megalomaniac landlords and rogue housemates.

    But mostly housemates. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?

    We’ve all had our fair share of housemate horror stories, especially if you’ve lived in London. The bustling metropolis, a city where dreams are made a reality and avocado on toast is considered a staple, not a delicacy. It is also home to arguably the worst breed of housemates that have existed, in the history of housemates.

    If the below doesn’t put you off though, here’s how to date your housemate (and make it work).

    I know this for fact, for I have lived with most of them. From the girl who used to floss her teeth and then stick the used floss on the wall of the bathroom in a kind of contemporary art installation (10 out of 10 for dental hygiene though), to the guy who liked to have sex on Sunday afternoons with the bedroom door wide open…

    Turns out, I’m not alone. Writer Dawn Foster asked the vocal people of Twitter to share their housemate horror stories, and, as expected, she discovered the truth. Housemates are just the worst (especially the housemates that also happen to be your best friends. Awful.).

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