Sue Gray report on 10 Downing Street party is "so damning Boris Johnson will have to quit"

Just in.

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Just in.

It's been headline news for months now, and yet the final findings of Sue Gray's investigation into the alleged 10 Downing Street partying mid-lockdown are yet to be released.

But today, a source close to Boris Johnson has said that the findings are "so damning" they will undoubtedly end his time in office.

The report calls the investigation "excoriating" and indicates that it'd be difficult for the PM to remain in his current role.

The Gray Report is a civil service inquiry which has been temporarily paused while the Metropolitan Police carry out their own investigation. However, the findings of that initial investigation will be released once all criminal investigations are over.

It's thought this could be a mere matter of weeks away now and that those close to the PM are beginning to fret at what level of detail the report might reveal.

One anonymous source familiar with Gray's findings said they were so damning Johnson will have no choice but to step down.

Speaking to The Times, they said: "Sue’s report is excoriating. It will make things incredibly difficult for the Prime Minister."

"There’s an immense amount of pressure on her – her report could be enough to end him."

So far, Johnson has only been fined for his illegal activity during the lockdown - he has admitted he attended one party at 10 Downing Street in June 2020, in violation of Covid protocols at the time.

He also issued an apology in the House of Commons at the time the scandal broke.

However, for those who did not spend last moments with their loved ones as a result of the restrictions, his words did not go far enough.

The police are investigating a total of twelve parties - or "gatherings" - held at 10 Downing Street over the period of the lockdowns when it was illegal to do so. It is believed that the Prime Minister attended half of them, which the police are still investigating.

Initially, it appeared that the majority of the Conservative party was backing Johnson, yet in recent weeks, certain members have started to turn against him. Steve Baker, a well-known Tory backbencher, retracted his acceptance of the PM’s apology last week, claiming his apology only stood for "as long as it took to get out of the headmaster’s office", further warning the PM that his "gig's up."

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