Sex website featuring real people gets 76,000 visitors in six weeks launched by feminist Cindy Gallop as alternative to hardcore pornography

52 year old Oxford graduate Cindy Gallop is the woman behind new pornography website, Make Love Not Porn, with the intentions of promoting realistic and natural sex.
Videos submitted show couples and individuals engaging in real-life sexual activities.
Still invite-only, the start-up website has gained 76,000 visitors in the six weeks since its launch, with over 19,000 people signing up.
Cindy, who claims to frequently date men in their twenties, set up the site in order to battle the distorted way a generation of young people view sex due to watching hardcore pornography.
“Parents were particularly struck by it,” Cindy told TED, the organisation behind the annual conference where she first delivered the idea in 2009.
“A lot of them said to me that they’d forwarded the site to their 16-year-old daughter or 18-year-old son.”

The website is for over 18s only but there are plans to create vouchers that can be used by younger teenagers who Miss Gallop says are often accessing porn online anyway.

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