Sarah Ferguson recalls her and Princess Diana being arrested at her hen party

Princess Diana Sarah Ferguson
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Princess Diana remains to be one of the most talked-about women in the world, and from her iconic style moments to her breaking with royal protocol, she was ever the trailblazer. 

From her refusal to wear gloves so that she could have direct contact with people, to her sweet reaction when an assistant dropped an umbrella on her head, there are no shortage of anecdotes that cement Princess Diana as the people's princess. 

She even stopped wearing hats after a few years, explaining: "You can't cuddle a child in a hat."

This week, it was a hilarious tale that got the world talking about Princess Diana, as Sarah Ferguson recalled an incident where the two women were arrested for impersonating police officers. 

Fergie, as she is known, and Princess Diana were close friends during their time in the royal family and in the years after, with the Duchess of York opening up about their friendship - and the infamous arrest story - on the Kelly Clarkson Show. 

The incident in question took place ahead of Fergie's 1986 wedding to Prince Andrew, where the two royal women dressed up as police officers and went to a bar.

"We sat down, and the waiter came up to us and said, 'Excuse me, this is a members club. And it's for fun, and we don't serve police officers here,'" she recalled, explaining that the staff mistook them for real police officers and asked them to leave.

"But Kelly, we were then arrested," Fergie explained. "We were arrested for impersonating police officers.

"So we got in the van," Fergie continued. "And [Diana] had put her engagement ring 'round the other way and we were just sitting in there. And [Diana] just looked around and saw a packet of smoky bacon flavoured crisps, and she took them and started eating them.

"The policeman in the front seat, said 'You can't do that!'" she went on, explaining that the police officers eventually recognised Princess Diana and realised who they were.

"She and I, we laughed a lot," recalled Fergie. "We got into trouble a lot."

Well, this is hilarious.

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