This picture of The Queen is the best thing you'll see all day

Smiles are contagious

Queen Driving
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Smiles are contagious

After last week's announcement from Buckingham Palace stating that Prince Philip was retiring from public life, the British public all wondered how this would affect the rest of the Royal family.

The Queen and Prince Philip have been a power pair for quite a while now so we all hoped she'd take the decision ok - and it seems that she has!

This photo of The Queen beaming at herself in her car mirror as she drove herself from Royal Window Horse Show in the grounds of Windsor Castle in her Range Rover has suitably gone viral online because she's basically saying, 'hey world! Look at me, I'm an independent lady.'

The Queen's loved driving ever since her mechanic days back during World War II - and hysterically, is the only person in Britain allowed to drive despite not having a formal license. She's also the only person allowed to drive along the Long Walk in Windsor (apart from the park rangers, of course.)

Quite the VIP, eh? We'd probably be as smiley too TBH.

We love how much The Queen loves driving, too.

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