£££! Here’s how much Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring is worth…

Someone has been saving his pennies…

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Someone has been saving his pennies…

Princess Eugenie is set to follow Meghan Markle down the aisle for the second royal wedding of the year, in St George’s Chapel, Windsor this autumn.

Whilst we await all the details on the wedding itself, we wanted to get the full DL on the ring. Just to satisfy our curiosity – naturally!

The youngest daughter of Prince Andrew and her husband to be (who isn’t expected to receive a royal title) joined BBC’s The One Show to give the show’s presenter, Matt Baker the full DL. Talking about the proposal, Jack Brooksbank stated that he chose the ring because it reminded him of his fiancé, “it changes colour when it hits certain lights, much like Eugenie.” CUTE. MUCH? He continued to say the engagement was, "a perfect moment."

Our Fashion and Celebrity Director, Josh Newis-Smith spoke to the Editor of Retail Jeweller, Ruth Faulkner to find out just how much the ring is worth. It turns out the addition to the ‘crown jewels’ caused a serious eruption in the latest edition to the royal family’s wallet - akin to the volcano where the proposal took place!


Firstly it turns out the ring is very OTM in the jewellery world, “Princess Eugenie's cluster-style engagement ring is a modern take on what is a fairly vintage cluster style. Anecdotally Cluster styles have slightly increased in popularity since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got engaged in 2010 as Catherine’s ring also features a cluster style with diamonds set around a coloured centre stone.”

But what is so special about this centre stone? “The centre stone in Eugenie’s ring is a Padparadscha Sapphire which is surrounded by a cluster of diamonds. As an approximate estimate I would say the centre Sapphire is about 2cts with around 1ct-2cts of diamonds set around the edge. This particular Sapphire, the Padparadscha, is quite rare in terms of its colour. The stones are set on to a yellow gold band.”

Now… spill… how much is it actually worth? “ It is difficult to accurately estimate the cost without seeing the ring but as a very rough guide I would say it would retail anywhere between £7k-£10k.”Ruth our eyes are watering!

JUST A CASUAL TEN GRAND! Eugenine’s ring really is fit for a Princess, then.

Stay tuned to Marieclaire.co.uk as we unveil more details about the second royal wedding of the year as we get them. Bunting at the ready!