Princess Diana's voice coach weighs in on 'Spencer' film

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in Spencer

Princess Diana's former voice coach has admitted he was not impressed with Kristen Stewart's portrayal of the late royal in the film Spencer. 

Stewart Pearce worked with the late Princess of Wales for two years as a private voice and presence coach, to perfect her voice, posture and look, in preparation for when she was thrust into the spotlight.

After spending time with Prince William and Harry's late mother, believes her true spirit and grace was not portrayed as well as could be in the film directed by Pablo Larraín.

He noted that instead of Diana's calm and soft tones, Pearce found Kristen's dialogue lacked 'flow and grace', and was rushed in parts.

Speaking to the Daily Express about his thoughts on the recent release, the 68-year-old said: 'I was challenged by it in really interesting ways. It was not comfortable to watch. Kristen's rhythms were very staccato and very breathy.

'It seemed that many of the actors had been encouraged to speak in a conspiratorial manner. They were all using these very, very half voices and moving so fast it was often very difficult to hear what was going on', he added.

Princess Diana's former voice coach thinks Kristen Stewart's portrayal of the late royal was not a true portrayal of her
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The former aide - who wrote the book Diana: The Voice of Change - believes viewers may be inclined to 'switch off' when watching the film.

'My work is about how we don't judge the characters that we are playing, but we find points of empathy so that we truly care about what is taking place on the screen. If actors don't care about the people that they are playing, automatically that is communicated to the audience.

'Now the audience won't necessarily pick up the subtlety of that, but what they will do is switch off their screens or leave the movie theatre because the vibration doesn't enrapture them', Pearce shared.

Spencer depicts the breakdown of Princess Diana and Prince Charles' marriage, and the days spent in Sandringham over Christmas where Diana decided to end her relationship after rumours circulated around Charles' love life, which put a strain on their own romance.

According to DeadlineSpencer cost over £13.3 million to produce, but brought in £1.5 million, after screening in 996 cinemas across the globe.

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