Police investigating Savile case are planning to arrest up to a dozen celebrities

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  • Team of 30 officers have arrest strategy to target stars believed to have helped Savile abuse children

    Police investigating the Jimmy Savile child abuse case have revealed they have an ‘arrest strategy’ to target up to a dozen celebrities believed to have helped the late star carry out sexual offences.

    Victims have named accomplices, some household names, who will be questioned over allegations of sexual assault against children.

    Describing the investigation as ‘major’, Met commander Peter Spindler said: ‘There is Savile but there are also others and if those others are living we can now look at them.

    ‘I really do want them to take heed, and tell them that we will come for them.’

    It has also been revealed police missed seven chances to try the late Top of the Pops presenter while he was alive.

    He was accused of abuse in the 1970s and 80s, as well as four years ago. One attack is even alleged to have happened in a caravan at the BBC Television Centre.

    Police also dropped an investigation in 2009 which was looking at four alleged attacks.

    Those involved claim they dropped these because of a lack of evidence or because victims didn’t want to take it further. The file on the caravan assualt is now missing.

    Police have also raided the late entertainer’s holiday cottage in Glencoe, Scotland, looking for evidence.


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