Watch This Dad Explain Terrorism To His Son (And Then Weep)

In what might be the most heart-achingly sweet video of all time, a Parisian father explains the Paris Attacks to his son

Paris boy
Paris boy

In what might be the most heart-achingly sweet video of all time, a Parisian father explains the Paris Attacks to his son

If you have some tissues handy, grab them. If not, well, your sleeve will have to do. Because while we thought the piece written by Antoine Leiris following his wife's death was emotional, the latest video to emerge following the Paris Attacks will have you sobbing - after a reporter asks a boy (who looks to be about four years old) if he understands what happened on the 13th of November - and why the terrorists attacked France.

After all, although one Marie Claire staffer witnessed the attacks taking place, can you imagine trying to explain them to a child? Yeah. Us neither.

Which is why the following conversation between the (as yet unidentified) boy and his father, might just be the sweetest thing that you'll see this week/month/year.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT [Reporter asks the boy if he understands why terrorists attacked Paris]

Boy: "Yes, because they're really really mean. Bad guys are not very nice. And we have to be really careful because we will have to change houses."

Father: "Oh don't worry... We don't need to change houses. France is our home."

Boy: "But there's bad guys daddy..."

Father: "Yes, but there are bad guys everywhere. "

Boy: "They have guns, they can shoot us because they're really really mean daddy."

Father: "It's OK, they might have guns but we have flowers."

Boy: "But flowers don't do anything, they're for, they're for..."

Father: "Of course they do, look, everyone is putting flowers down. It's to fight against the guns."

Boy: "It's to protect? And the candles too?"

Father: "It's to remember the people who have gone."

Boy: "The flowers and the candles are here to protect us."

Father: "Yes."

Reporter: "Do you feel better now?"

Boy: "Yes, I feel better."

And while you're clutching at your heart and making 'oh my word' noises, if want to know how to help following the Paris Attacks, there are still five things that you can do - even from overseas.

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