Man Invents Nutella Lock To Stop People Stealing Your Precious Spread

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  • Because Nutella theives are evil and they must be punished

    No matter how kind you are, no-one likes to share Nutella. No-one.

    There is something almost indecent about how totally delicious the hazelnut spread is that it makes even the most altruistic individual Gollum-esque when it comes to passing round the jar.

    It’s no big surprise then that a man in Germany has come up with a way to keep pesky spread stealers out – a lock for the lid of your Nutella.

    Daniel Schobloch of Borkenkaefer Furniture and Fittings in Germany has designed an acrylic lock with a padlock and two keys that attaches to the top of the jar – genius.

    Schobloch originally invented the lock as a joke for a friend who was in dire straits.

    “The idea started out as a joke. One of my friends was always getting worked up because his children were stealing his Nutella,” he told The Local.

    “As the demand continued to grow, we decided to offer the device on ebay.”

    The original batch of almost 1000 locks has already sold out, so Nutella aficionados will have to settle with pre-ordering the €9.99 gadget for the moment.

    So if you know anyone who really, really doesn’t like to share when it comes to their favourite toast topper or maybe a parent who’s trying to keep their kid out of the dentist’s chair now you know what to get them.

    Are you a Nutella addict?

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