Most ‘seductive’ woman

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  • Which celebrity is thought to be 'most seductive of all time'?

    What do you get if you mix Kelly Brook, Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie? The ‘most seductive woman of all time’, according to a new survey.

    Her name is Angelle L Brook, a computer-generated mix, meant to represent British women’s view of the most attractive woman in history.

    Angelle combines Kelly Brook’s hair and body, Jennifer Lopez’s nose and Angelina Jolie’s lips and is dressed up in ‘the most seductive dress of all time’ – the white halterneck Marilyn Monroe donned for the movie The Seven Year Itch.

    The survey by Lenor Infusions, quizzed British women about seduction and Marilyn Monroe was voted the most seductive woman from the past, whilst Angelina Jolie was crowned the most seductive living woman.

    The results revealed British women think Tinseltown’s finest have the perfect attributes, but they were less glowing about their own qualities.

    Almost half of those questioned (49%) said that they didn’t feel seductive. Busy lifestyles were to blame with 51% saying they couldn’t recall the last time they felt in the mood for seduction, which they thought ‘mostly happens in the movies’.

    There were however a few things that lift women’s spirits; a new dress, compliments from a partner and sexy lingerie – black being the favoured colour to feel most seductive in.

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