Meghan Markle has apparently inspired Kate Middleton to change one approach to royal life

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  • And it's all about public speaking...

    Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s relationship has been a constant conversation topic since the two Duchesses joined the royal fold. But while Meghan and Kate are often pitted against each other, surrounded by rumours of fallouts and feuds, they have also reportedly inspired each other.

    It was recently revealed that the two millennial Duchesses upped each other’s style over the past few years, changing up their fashion choices in order to keep up with each other.

    But it seems that the inspiration is not just limited to fashion, with Meghan also seen to have inspired Kate when it comes to giving speeches.

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    Meghan unlike Kate came from a Hollywood background, something that enabled her to dive straight into public speaking. ‘Meghan’s experience as an actress helped her develop a very inspirational and persuasive, modern speaking style,’ Body language and communications expert Judi James told The Express. ‘She can speak with conviction and empathy, connecting with her audiences and creating change in a way that the royals rarely have done.’

    When Kate joined the royal family however, it is not something that came as easy, with Judi James explaining that despite Kate’s ‘natural “stardust” factor’, her speechmaking style ‘has previously been over-cautious, led by what looks like a strong desire to get it right and avoid mistakes.’

    She continued: ‘The likability factor has always been dominant, meaning her delivery has been very “royal ribbon-cutter”, i.e. the kind of formal speech style royals use when they’re launching a ship or opening a building.’

    Since Meghan joined the fold however, experts claim that Kate’s speechmaking style has changed significantly, inspired by Meghan’s natural ease.

    ‘Recently, Kate has appeared to be almost as keen to give her speeches the “wow” factor as her husband,’ Judi James explained of the changes. ‘Kate’s speech in Pakistan last year did finally show signs of a casting off of regal elegance and perfection and some hints of the kind of more relaxed, congruent passion and a desire to create bonds with her audience that Meghan excels at though. With no lectern and reading less from her notes, Kate appeared to be developing her individual style and potential as a speaker rather than focusing on being flawless.’

    Well, that’s that.

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