Exclusive: Marina And The Diamonds Writes On World AIDS Day

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  • Today is World AIDS Day and Marina writes why we should all be HIV aware exclusively for Marie Claire

    Marina and the Diamonds writes why we should all be HIV aware on World AIDS day exclusively for Marie Claire…

    Today is World AIDS Day. It’s a chance to take time to think about HIV, a time to reflect and to mourn the millions of people lost to AIDS and to stand with all the others living with the condition across the world.

    Since we have known about HIV, it has had a huge impact on the world. Though its impact is felt most amongst gay men and black-African communities, HIV affects us all.

    With one in 360 people living with HIV in the UK it’s likely we’ve all worked with, partied with or dated someone with the condition. Yet the National AIDS Trust has found shockingly low levels of knowledge about HIV amongst the British public – 16% wrongly think you can get it from kissing and one in ten think if you get HIV you will probably die within three years. In fact unless you’re diagnosed late, you’re likely to have a full life expectancy.

    It is everyone’s responsibility to know the facts about HIV, not only so we know enough about HIV to protect ourselves, but also to ensure we don’t stigmatise, belittle or shame people living with HIV, that we don’t distance ourselves from people we wrongly think are contagious, that we show kindness and understanding and that people feel they can tell us if they are HIV positive and they know they can count on our support. This is why I am taking part in the National AIDS Trust’s Put A Ribbon On It campaign, asking everyone to wear a red ribbon on World AIDS Day to show support and solidarity with people living with HIV.

    So if you do anything this World AIDS Day please find out about HIV, understand a little bit more, care a little bit more and wear a red ribbon with pride.

    To find out more about HIV and the campaign please visit www.hivaware.org.uk

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