Lizzo just took a DNA test and it turns out she didn’t 100% write Truth Hurts

The star has agreed to share her success with a British singer who tweeted the opening line to her song in 2017


The star has agreed to share her success with a British singer who tweeted the opening line to her song in 2017

Words by Olivia Adams

Nothing upsets a pop star more than someone claiming they stole their lyrics.

But Lizzo showed true star value on Wednesday when she acknowledged British singer Mina Lioness as a writer on her hit 'Truth Hurts'.

The row between the pair started after Lizzo – real name Melissa Viviane Jefferson - wanted to trademark the phrase, "I just took a DNA test turns out I'm 100% that b****…"

Mina tweeted a similar phrase in 2017 (‘I did a DNA test and found out I’m 100% that b****’), but Lizzo claimed not to have seen it.

On Wednesday the star – whose song reached number one on Billboard's Hot 100 chart - explained her side of the story on Instagram.

‘In 2017, while working on a demo, I saw a meme that resonated with me... I later used the line in Truth Hurts... I later learned that a tweet inspired the meme…The creator of the tweet is the person I am sharing my success with…” She wrote.

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The post attracted over half a million likes, including from celebrities Jameela Jamil, Ashley Graham and Yara Shahidi.

Meanwhile the London-based singer gleefully tweeted, "I just took a DNA Test, turns out I'm a credited writer for the number one song on Billboard."

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Mina also thanked Lizzo, writing, ‘I want to publicly thank Lizzo and her entire management team for embracing me and reaching out.’

She added, ‘I have received nothing but love from her…I truly do thank her’.

But the war of words still isn’t over for the hitmaker. Lizzo has filed a lawsuit against two male producers - brothers Justin and Jeremy Raisen - who have accused her of plagiarism, claiming they created the lyric with her in a writing session.

Taking to Instagram, Lizzo insisted, 'The men who now claim a piece of Truth Hurts did not help me write any part of the song. They had nothing to do with the line or how I chose to sing it. There was no one in the room when I wrote Truth Hurts, except me, Ricky Reed, and my tears. That song is my life, and its words are my truth.'

 * drops mic *

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