The Gun Toting 4-Year-Olds Destined To Be Terrorists: 7 Shocking Pictures You Have To See

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  • The image of round-faced 4 year old Isa Dare wearing mini army fatigues and looking confidently into the camera as he pledges to kill all non-Muslims is perhaps the most chilling part of the latest Islamic State execution video.

    The full footage, shows 5 men accused of being British spies in Syria being horrifically murdered, and features the boy so prominently that he has been recognized as the son of a London mother who left for Syria with her son to become a ‘Jihadi’ Bride with hopes of being the first woman to behead a hostage.

    But using children as weapons of terrorism is nothing new for IS who dream of recruiting a new borderless generation of young super-extremists to spread their message of hate across the world.

    Today more images surfaced of the boy toting an AK-47 which were posted to Twitter in 2014 by his proud mother Grace (Khadija) Dare, a Muslim convert who has links with the killers of Lee Rigby.

    Following intelligence, at least 40 other children in the UK are under police protection for fear that they will be taken abroad by their parents to join training camps as part of IS’s war against the West.

    Clutching an AK-47 rifle, Isa is captured by his proud mother who posts the shocking photograph to her Twitter feed. The child whose name in Arabic means ‘Jesus’, was born to a Christian mother Grace who changed her name to Khadija after converting to Islam.

    Girls are regularly recruited from France, Russia and Kazkhastan to camps and trained to be executors

    With a slick propoganda machine, ISIS regularly release high quality videos of young girl soldiers training in army gear in Syria such as this one in late November 2014.

    Most shocking are the pictures of bewildered toddlers perhaps as young as 3 or 4 dwarfed by the weapons they attempt to hold as they pose for photographs.

    At child training camps, both boys and girls do rigorous training to prepare for battle against the west.

    Young girls are seen as the future Jihadi generation and trained hard in army-style exercise routines while carrying heavy artillery to improve their strength.

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