How to delete everything Google knows about you

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  • Because who wants Google to know how many times you check your Facebook?

    Google knows everything about you. Don’t believe us? All you need to do is check your ‘Web & App settings’ on your account, and everything you’ve ever done on Google is there.

    If you use a Google account while browsing the internet, it’s more than likely that Google has narrowed down exactly who you are based on your search history, the information you give when creating your account and by what you watch on YouTube.

    Yes, it’s watching you watch YouTube.

    This is because Google collates all your data to give to advertisers to make ads more catered to you. Ever wondered why right after you browse Net-A-Porter for the latest season Sophia Webster shoes, you keep seeing the site’s ads popping up again and again in your sidebar? That’s why.

    Of course, we always knew that nothing we do on the internet is truly ever private, but that doesn’t mean we want Google to know so much about us.

    But fear not, as there is a way to delete everything Google knows about you. Here’s how…

    1. Log into your Google account

    2. Go to ‘’ – This is your ‘Web & App Activity’ page

    3. Change the history from ‘last week’ to ‘all time’

    This brings up a list of all the web pages you’ve ever searched. Yes, ALL of them.

    4. Select ‘Today’ and press ‘Delete’

    Unfortunately, Google only lets you delete your history day by day, so while it will take a while to delete your entire web history, it’s worth knowing that you can.

    AND if you want to know what types of ads Google targets for you…

    1. Log into your Google account

    2. Go to ‘

    3. Click on ‘Ads settings’ under ‘Personal info & privacy’

    4. Click on ‘Manage ad settings’

    And everything Google thinks they know about your interests is there, including the types of ads they would show you.

    Fashion and cosmetics? Check. Reggaeton? Not sure where they got that one, but alright.

    5. You can then deselect your interests or even turn off the ads based on your interests.

    6. If you want to go even further, click on ‘Control signed out ads’ to turn off any and all interest-based ads.

    And voila, you have officially deleted yourself off the face of the internet… At least for advertisers.

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