Meet The New Instagram Account We’re Obsessed With: Hot Dudes With Kittens

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  • Miaow indeed.

    If there’s anything we love more than a hot dude, it’s a kitten. So naturally, our new absolute favourite thing is the genius Instagram account Hot Dudes With Kittens.

    Featuring, unsurprisingly, hot dudes with kittens, the page is racking up more and more likes by the day – they’re nearly on 70,000 followers and counting. They were only on 15,000 followers a week ago, so clearly the kitten (or hot dude) craze is spreading.

    There are kittens perched on a hot dude’s shoulder. Kittens tucked into a T-shirt. Kittens posing for selfies. Kittens chilling by the pool. Kittens having a nap. Kittens with eyes like giant yellow saucers. Double kittens.


    The kittens are so cute that they may even take your eyes off the hot dudes in question, who appear in everything from cosy knitted jumpers to thick winter jackets to various states of undress.

    Hot Dudes With Kittens only adds to our list of Instagram round ups of men doing things.

    That might sound peculiar, but we’re willing to bet you’ve had a peruse of Hot Dudes Reading (which, as it sounds, shows good looking men reading books on public transport), Hot Dudes With Dogs (which shows hot guys posing next to their favourite adorable canine friends) and even Men And Coffee (which shows hot men drinking coffee out of mugs. Yup. It has over 300,000 followers.).

    Dare we say it, our own round up of Hot Guys With Man Buns even gets us a bit hot under the collar, even on a dreary Wednesday morning.

    Scroll through the gallery above to see some of our favourite offerings from the Hot Dudes With Kittens Instagram account.

    Are you a fan of Hot Dudes With Kittens, or are you more of a dog person? Let us know your thoughts @marieclaireuk

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