Hillary Clinton recovering after blood clot found on brain

US Secretary of State remains in a New York hospital

(Image credit: REX)

US Secretary of State remains in a New York hospital

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton remains hospitalised in New York after doctors discovered a blood clot situated between her brain and skull.

Clinton, 65, is now being treated with blood thinners to help dissolve the clot, which is located in a vein behind her right ear that helps carry blood away from the brain.

A statement released from the hospital said that Clinton is making 'excellent progress' and will not suffer any neurological damage.

The clot was discovered by doctors at New York Presbyterian Hospital on Sunday, while Clinton was having a follow up exam after fainting and suffering from concussion in mid-December.

The former First Lady has not been seen in public since the incident and her condition has led to some speculation over whether she will be able to run for president as Democratic nominee in 2016.

After over 20 years in politics, Clinton is planning to step down as Secretary of State in early 2013. She is to be replaced by former Democrat presidential nominee, John Kerry. She made the announcement at a State Department conference in January 2012 and said: 'It would be a good idea to find out how tired I really am'.

Chelsea Clinton, NBC reporter and only child of Hilary and Bill Clinton, has been with Hilary since Sunday and tweeted on new years eve: 'Thank you to all for sending good thought my Mom’s way. Grateful to all her doctors & that she’ll make a full recovery!'


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