Heather Mills to open vegan restaurant

Heather Mills turns fish restaurant green

While the rest of us are scaling back on spending in the current economic climate, Heather Mills has revealed plans to turn a popular seaside eaterie into a vegan restaurant.

In a credit crunch spectacular, the 41-year-old bought the Big Fish Cafe near her home in Hove, East Sussex, for just £140,000 on Friday, despite an earlier verbal agreement to part with £255,900.

She is said to have been inspired after making her first visit to the cafe with Sir Paul McCartney before their marriage split – and has been back a reported 20 times to enjoy veggie breakfasts and soya milk tea with their daughter Bea.

The ex-model, who received a whopping £24million in her divorce settlement from former Beatle Paul, has also hinted at plans to develop the business into a chain of restaurants worldwide.


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