Headspace just launched a female health collection — here's why you'll want to try it

With meditations spanning everything from sexual wellness, to befriending your body, to fertility and more

With meditations spanning everything from sexual wellness, to befriending your body, to fertility and more

We were already big fans of wellness app Headspace for its approachable guided meditations. But today, the brand launched a new collection of content aimed specifically at women and those who identify as women — and it's safe to say that we are obsessed.

The Women’s Collection provides resources and tips from experts across topics like fertility, befriending our bodies and coping with injustices, as well as on sex and intimacy.

Featuring experts like Headspace’s mindfulness and meditation teachers Dora KamauEve Lewis Prieto, and Samantha Snowden, the collection is made up of three different categories: 

Body and Health: Unpacking emotions whilst trying to conceive, support after miscarriage, and befriending our bodies

Sex and Relationships: Cultivating the pillars of sexual wellness with Sex and Relationships expert Kate Moyle, intimacy in relationships, mind-body connection, and compassionate communication

Strength in Solidarity: Dr. Dana Udall, Headspace’s Chief Clinical Officer, and Headspace meditation teachers share mindfulness techniques for coping with anger and injustice, and discuss finding strength in solidarity, in light of the recent Roe v. Wade overruling in the US

As part of the launch, Headspace has teamed up with online women’s community Peanut on a campaign promoting female sexual wellness. The brands commissioned new research on the topic in the UK, discovering that 89% of women think the medical industry don’t take women’s sexual desires seriously. 

Psychosexual and relationship therapist Kate Moyle

The study also revealed that 78% of women have experienced low sex drive, with over half (53%) believing that low sex drive remains a taboo topic within society. And, while seven in 10 women want better access to information to improve their sex lives, only 6% have tried mindfulness or meditation and only 13% have tried communicating with friends to improve their sex life. 

Headpace and Peanut are responding by encouraging women to discuss and normalise topics surrounding sexual wellness through a short film, ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’. Created by an all-female team, the film stars psychosexual and relationship therapist Kate Moyle.

In the film, Molye speaks to women with a diverse range of sexual and relationship experiences, such as a woman who is expecting a baby with a trans woman, a widow navigating dating while grieving and a woman struggling with post-partum sex. 

“Sexual wellbeing has been left out of the conversation about health for too long, despite the fact that we know it plays a key role within our general and mental wellness,” says Moyle. “The stigma around conversations about sex has a huge ripple effect into various areas of our lives, including people not getting symptoms checked, knowing how to navigate intimate relationships, and the overall impact that can have on one’s mental health.” 

Moyle has created a range of content for the Headspace app addressing the challenges women face with their sex lives. The content provides users with methods to work through their challenges, from keeping ‘pleasure diaries’ to having mindful sex. She will also host a live in-app audio conversation on Peanut for its community to ask questions, get advice and share their sexual experiences with one another. 

Moyle continues: “It can be hard for women to access information and advice, combined with the fact that many are too embarrassed to ask, and therefore having it all in one, accessible place is really transformative and important to support women’s wellbeing.” 

To explore the Women’s Collection, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial of Headspace. And to access Peanut’s community, as well as its expert-led groups and podcasts, you can download the free app.

Kate Hollowood
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