Would You Ditch Sanitary Products In Favour Of 'Free Bleeding'?

A new wave of French women are ditching sanitary products altogether in favour of 'free bleeding' – and they reckon that we should, too.

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A new wave of French women are ditching sanitary products altogether in favour of 'free bleeding' – and they reckon that we should, too.

Hands up who remembers last year’s infamous internet hoax that saw ‘feminists’ ditching sanitary products in favour of ‘bleeding freely’ (and messily)? But while that scam predictably fizzled out in a matter of weeks, ‘instinctive bleeding’ is actually France’s newest trend in gynaecological health. Led by beauty YouTuber Mini Wlosy, who vlogs under Les Cheveux de Mini [Mini’s Hair], women across the country have been binning their tampons for good, citing environmental reasons – not to mention the convenience factor.

How It Works 'The principle is that instead of using tampons, pads or other protection that we’re totally dependent upon, you learn to know your body, to control it and then let yourself bleed freely when you go to the toilet,' Wlosy explains in her YouTube video, adding that she’s been following the practice for over a year, and no longer has any ‘accidents’.

'It’s very simple, but it does take a few months to get used to. When you’re on your period, you’re not actually bleeding continually. Instinctive bleeding is all about listening to your body so you know when you need to release your period. It’s just like when you’re little and learn not to wet the bed.’

What’s The Point? Considering that the average woman uses over 11,000 tampons in her lifetime, and spends more than £3,000 on sanitary products, if the technique really works, it could revolutionise menstrual health around the world. ‘I’ve never had a patient who relies on this method, but it all comes down to incredibly strong pelvic floor muscles,’ explains Dr Karen Morton, Founder of Dr Morton’s medical helpline (www.drmortons.co.uk) and Consultant Gynaecologist.

‘For women who suffer from heavy periods, or who have given birth, this probably wouldn’t be possible. But I can’t see there being any side effects and in terms of the environment, it’s wonderful. Also the French are very preoccupied with keeping their vagina in shape, so I’m not too surprised that this is where the trend emerged.’

Something tells us we need a few more pairs of black pants before we give this a go.

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