Four out of ten women feel uneasy around their mother-in-law

Survey has found many women battle with other half's mother on a regular basis

Mother in law angry
Mother in law angry
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Survey has found many women battle with other half's mother on a regular basis

One in four women have an 'uneasy' relationship with their mother-in-law, according to a new survey.

Many women across the country find themselves regularly arguing with their other half's mother over topics including how to bring up the children, style and weight.

And one in ten women are currently not speaking to their mother-in-law due to a row.

The most argument-causing statements which ranked highly, including saying 'in my day, we did it like this' and saying their son's good points came because he 'takes after her'.

Almost half of women have asked their partner to speak to their mother about the situation after a row and 15 per cent of couples have nearly split up over a mother-in-law.

A spokesperson for OnePoll, who commissioned the study, said: 'There are many good things about mother-in-laws, such as them always being around to lend a hand with the babysitting.

'But [it] seems to suggest they also know exactly how to push the buttons of their daughter-in-law, if they want to make a point.

'Perhaps age-old jokes about the mother-in-law still have a place in our society for the time being' he added.


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