Former BBC director says his warnings about Jimmy Savile were ignored

New revelations in the wake of sexual abuse scandal

Jimmy Saville
Jimmy Saville
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New revelations in the wake of sexual abuse scandal

New revelations have come out about the BBC in the wake of the Jimmy Savile sex scandal after a TV director revealed he was ignored when he tried to raise the issue of the late entertainer having sex with a young girl in his dressing room.

David Nicolson, 67, caught the disgraced star in his Jim’ll Fix It dressing room with a girl aged '16, maybe 15'. He says BBC bosses told him 'that’s the way it goes', knowing full well Savile was sleeping with young girls.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper, Nicolson said: 'Everyone knew what was going on. That includes senior BBC people — chiefs at the highest levels.

'There were always girls in Jimmy’s dressing room. Everyone would have known about it — all the hair and make-up people, the wardrobe, show directors, producers.'

He claims he frequently tried to tell others at the BBC about how he had caught Savile in the hope action would be taken against the former Top of the Pops presenter, but it never happened.

The BBC have released a statement saying 'we have found nothing at this stage to suggest any known wrongdoing was ignored by management.'

The fresh revelations come in the wake of new allegations that Savile abused children at the Stoke Mandeville hospital, of which he was a patron.

Victims are alleged to have included children with brain damage and those recovering from spinal injuries.

The late star is currently lying in an unmarked grave after his family removed his headstone two days ago out of 'respect for public opinion'.

Eleven police forces are currently probing the abuse allegations, in a major investigation led by Scotland Yard.


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