Metropolitan Police has taken charge of assessing Jimmy Savile allegations

As the number of alleged victims reaches 40 Met says it will take 'national lead' into looking at claims

Jimmy Saville
Jimmy Saville
(Image credit: REX)

As the number of alleged victims reaches 40 Met says it will take 'national lead' into looking at claims

London's Metropolitan Police force will take the 'national lead' in assessing allegations against the late entertainer Sir Jimmy Savile after dozens of people contacted local police forces following the broadcast of Wednesday's ITV documentary Exposure.

There are now around 40 alleged victims, including one man who claimed he was molested as a 12-year-old by the TV presenter.

A former nurse has also made a claim she saw Savile abuse a hospital patient who was recovering from brain surgery.

Another woman was having a spinal operation in hospital when Savile allegedly groped her. The woman, who was 16 at the time, told the Daily Mirror 'I was on a hospital trolley when I was sexually assaulted by him.

'I was lying flat on my back. I was crying after having this procedure because I was in pain. He bent down and I thought he was giving me a reassuring cuddle, but he was inappropriate; he inappropriately touched my chest.

'I was wearing a thin hospital gown and he touched me on the top half.'

The alleged offences are believed to have spun decades, from the 1950s to 1990s.

 The BBC have said they will assist police with any investigation into the claims. However they have been heavily criticised for spiking a newsnight piece on the star' in 2011.

Potential victims are being encouraged to contact their local police forces or the children’s charity NSPCC for support.


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