Meet Fawzia Mirza - The Woman Pretending To Be Donald Trump's Illegitimate Muslim Daughter

Because if you can't beat Donald Trump, you should probably laugh at him instead...


Because if you can't beat Donald Trump, you should probably laugh at him instead...

If you're particularly into American comedy, it's possible that you've already heard of Fawzia Mirza. After all, the Muslim comedian from Chicago has been a fixture in the Stateside sketch-scene since 2013, when she created the parody series, Kam Kardashian (about Kim Kardashian's fictional long-lost lesbian sister, natch).

Now Fawzia is hitting headlines once again - this time for her portrayal of Ayesha Ali Trump - Donald Trump's illegitimate Muslim daughter.

'After Donald Trump publicly said he [wanted] to ban Muslims from entering the country, I felt appalled...[with] him, and with how people gobbled it up,' Fawzia explains. 'Comedians didn’t like satirizing him or mocking him or putting them in their monologues or putting ‘Trump’ in a punch line, because Donald Trump was embracing the mockery. He loved it. He still loves it. No matter who speaks out against him.'

This is a picture of Fawzia with Lena Dunham. Because if we had a picture with Lena Dunham, we would want people to share it on entirely unrelated news stories too.

Feeling helpless, she realised she had to do something. 'What can a little brown girl do? Well, I can make something. I can do comedy.'

The result is the following 'mockumentary' style expose on Trump and his apparently shame-free racism, following Ayesha as she embarks on a quest to confront her father.

And Fawzia isn't stopping there - she's even set up a Twitter account for her character. (Which you should probably follow immediately.)

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