Fatal Attraction hits the West End stage

The film that terrified a generation of men prepares to be made into a play

Fatal Attraction - News - Marie Claire
Fatal Attraction - News - Marie Claire
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The film that terrified a generation of men prepares to be made into a play

Men, prepare to be frightened as the film Fatal Attraction gets remade for West End stage.

The 1987 thriller, which grossed at $350million, famously made a generation of men think twice about having an affair and introduced us to the term ‘bunny boiler'.

According to insiders, the stage version is expected to open before Christmas and will be a somewhat less violent version of the story - in line with the writer's original wishes

In the film, actress Glen Close plays a deranged and violent stalker who becomes obsessed with a happily married lawyer, played by Michael Douglas, following a weekend fling.

Her character went on to be voted one of cinema's top 10 villains, but feminists criticised the plot's transformation of the deserted mistress into a vengeful stalker.

In a 2008 interview, Close admitted: ‘Men still come up to me and say, ‘You scared the shit out of me.' Sometimes they say, ‘You saved my marriage.''

The stage version has been written by James Dearden, writer of the original screenplay for the Oscar-nominated film. He plans to update the plot to the present day, but insists the ‘bunny-boiler' scene will remain.

‘Without it, the audience might demand their money back,' he says.