There's A Fashion Santa In Town, And We're Not Sure What To Make Of Him

Ho ho ho - or no no no?

Fashion Santa Cool Father Christmas
Fashion Santa Cool Father Christmas

Ho ho ho - or no no no?

We normally think of Father Christmas as portly, kindly, with sparkly eyes and a comforting beer belly - but this Fashion Santa has just thrown all of our Christmassy beliefs out of the window.

Meet Paul Mason, a dude who clearly thinks that just because he has white hair and a white beard, he can be a cooler, skinnier, younger and hipper version of Santa.

Well, it seems he can - because he'll be appearing as the Fashion Santa through December in Toronto's Yorkdale Mall.

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We can't be too angry at him for crushing our childhood dreams for two reasons. Firstly, every time someone snaps a selfie with Mason and posts it to Instagram with the hashtag #YorkdaleFashionSanta, the mall will donate $1 to a children's charity, and secondly, because he promises to stay out of the way of children at the mall so as not to confuse him with the real Santa (who we all still believe in, let's be honest).

'Adults are really my focus,' he clarifies, saying that his look is 'a modern spin on the typical Santa photos.'

'I do so many selfies because of my profile and my beard, so it seemed like a natural fit.'

This ain't no maverick Santa - he uses beard oil to keep that white fluff looking polished, and wears a whole host of designer gear while masquerading as our favourite resident of the North Pole, including outfits from Ferragamo, Burberry and Moncler. #jealous.

Scroll through some of Fashion Santa's best outfits in the gallery above...

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