Your chance to be mentored by lingerie entrepreneur Michelle Mone

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  • You could be mentored by lingerie expert and founder of Ultimo, Michelle Mone

    Seventeen of the most influential women in Britain have joined forces with Marie Claire to become part of Inspire & Mentor with Marie Claire, our brand new campaign.

    Women from all walks of life are reaching out to help other women onto the rungs of success.

    By pairing short listed applicants with the mentors we believe will help them the most, we hope to help women fulfil their potential, get that dream job, or launch that business they’ve always hoped for.


    Lingerie entrepreneur and founder of Ultimo, Michelle Mone is just one of the influential women you could be mentored by as part of the new campaign.

    Michelle had the idea for Ultimo when she spent an evening at a dinner-dance wearing a really uncomfortable bra.

    So after being made redundant at 24, she spent three years inventing a better version, and launched the brand ten years ago – it’s now the biggest in the country.

    When we first launched the business, I put my house up for security with the bank to finance it. I re-mortgaged my house three times; fear every single minute of the day,’ she told us.

    ‘I don’t thrive on that, it was just awful! But I absolutely love being in business.’

    But being a high-flyer isn’t all easy going.

    ‘I had a real struggle seven years ago where a distributor in America ran away with £1million of my money and my stock,’ Michelle reveals.

    ‘But you’ve just got to pick yourself up and move on and learn from it,’

    A word of advice? ‘You’re never too old to have a mentor as you can start a business no matter what age you are; 20, 50 or 60. I hate people when people say, ‘Oh, you can’t do it because you’re too young or too old’ – rubbish.’

    If you would like to me mentored by Michelle, click HERE to apply.

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