Vivienne Westwood plans SATC sequel

Vivienne Westwood wants to write Sex and the City sequel

For the first Sex and the City movie, Dame Vivienne Westwood provided the film’s pivotal costume – Carrie’s voluminous wedding dress – but now she’s after an even bigger role for the sequel.

A source revealed to The Independent this week that the British designer has developed a plot for the second movie, and is desperate to pitch it to the movie’s producers.

‘She’s been obsessed with the film ever since she saw it. She has even put in calls to Sarah Jessica Parker about it,’ the snitch divulged.

A spokesperson for Westwood confirmed that the production company were yet to get back to the grand Dame, saying, ‘We haven’t had any news about it yet. So we don’t know what’s happening.’

Westwood not only designed the iconic wedding gown for the first movie, but also provided a hand written note, which Carrie opens during the film.

Unfortunately for her, it is believed that an initial script may have already been developed, and that filming is due to start this summer.

Speaking to reporters last year, Sarah Jessica Parker explained, ‘We’ve had very general conversations about the idea. That’s the big hurdle: the idea… We’re at the place where Michael (Patrick King, the producer) has a wealth of stories so now it’s, “We think we have this story and how do we put this together”‘

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