5 things to know about the Dior Cruise Collection


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After taking us to Paris for Chanel and Milan for Prada, the Cruise collections took us to the other side of the globe for Dior’s 2018 resort: America.

Here are five things we need to discuss.

1. The location

The setting? Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve in Calabasas, California. If it looks familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen it loads before.

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Little House on the Prairie and Gone With the Wind were filmed there. Oh, and it’s also home to the Kardashians, and where Kanye showed his latest Yeezy collection. But we digress.

There was no runway for the models, who walked down gravel as the sun set instead. Oh, and did we mention there were hot air balloons?

It turns out the nature preserve was a dead giveaway for the collection, which, if anything, proved the cowgirl look is back. Yeehaw.

2. It was actually inspired by France

Although the collection was all about Western chic, it was actually inspired by the prehistoric paintings of the Lascaux cave in France. In a spooky coincidence, Maria Grazia Churi discovered that Mr Dior himself too inspiration from the etchings for his 1951 collection.

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3. The collection was awesome

We say the cowgirl look is back, but we jest. This was far more chic than your checked shirt and denim skirt combo. Maria basically took those Lascaux paintings and gave them an almost ethereal quality by printing them on loose oversized knitted cardigans, soft skirts and sheer tulle.

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The designer’s signature corseted and cinched silhouettes were present, but were mixed in with more unexpected pieces such as hand-painted coats, suede ponchos, embroidered denim and loose silhouette.

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Accessories wise, it was all about the flat brim hat, thin leather belt and bags with embroidered straps.

4. The celebs

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You couldn’t swing said embroidered bag without hitting a celeb, that’s how A-list the FROW was. Brie Larson was there, as were Charlize Theron, Demi Moore, Freida Pinto, Kate Bosworth, Kelly Rowland and Olivia Palermo (naturally). But while most of them played it down in classic black, Rihanna went and stole the show in a full-on cowgirl look.

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5. The after party was insane

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Why waste such a good location by partying in town? More celebs joined the after show (hello Miranda Kerr and Jaime King), which involved a set by Solange Knowles, some insane dancing and fire pits.

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