Are Tanya Heath’s Multi-Height Heels The Future of Shoes?

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  • No more walking home barefoot for us anymore...

    Tanya Heath’s multi-height heels have answered a gazillion prayers around the world, as it seems a product has finally been created that could possibly revolutionise the way we wear, and pick, shoes.

    We’ve all experienced that feeling. Leaving a club at 3am, heels in one hand, kebab in the other, immediately regretting the decision to wear such skyscraper stilettos when you’ve got to walk 20 minutes down the road barefoot.

    However the world’s first interchangeable heeled shoes could change just that. Canadian born designer Tanya Heath wanted to create a heel that was actually comfortable. Every one of her shoe designs feature a button on the inside that can be pressed to release the heel, whilst allowing another alternative to be locked in. What’s even better is that one standard shoe can be changed from a high heel of up to 3.5 inches to a low one of 1.5 inches without having to change the composition of the design!

    The shoes don’t come cheap however with a standard pair costing £260 before you even begin buying different changeable heels for them, which retail between £20 – £25 per pair. However that doesn’t seem that expensing when you take into consideration that there are 55 different heels variations to choose, and 21 bases to pick from, which means altogether you have the option of 3,255 different assortments (if only maths at school was like this!). What’s most impressive however, is that they’re actually pretty cool looking, on-trend shoes with so many different styles to choose from, from metallic straps to studded boots, to court shoes and peep toe sling backs.

    The reason these shoes have won us over, is that they seem so easy to use, and so easy to conceal, that you can simply pop a smaller pair in a clutch before your night out so you never have to worry about facing shoe related dilemmas again from blistered toes, broken heels and work commutes.

    So is this the future of shoes? Will these interchangeable designs be on the feet of everyone around the world, changing how we dress for good?

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