Melania Trump’s red gloves are baffling the internet

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  • You can’t have missed the big unveiling of this season’s White House Christmas decorations, and let’s just say it’s a little different to when Michelle Obama ruled the roost.

    Let’s just ignore the weird blood red theme here for a minute, and focus on a small little detail that has so far baffled the internet – and myself too, I must admit.

    As you’ll see from the picture, Melania is wearing gloves to admire the baubles on the tree she probably didn’t decorate. Now this is weird in many ways.

    First off, why would you wear gloves indoors? I imagine the White House is quite toasty at all times. Secondly, while festive, the red gloves seem a little aggressive, which isn’t ideal really considering President Trump’s tough stance on immigration, amongst other things.

    Here are a few choice reactions from Twitter.

    But mostly, it’s just not relatable isn’t it? There is a reason Princess Diana decided to shun wearing gloves, because she felt it was more human to have skin to skin contact with the people she met. Perhaps this would make her seem a bit more approachable, especially after the whole jacket saga?

    Also just going to leave you with this Handmaid’s Tale meme here because, well lol.

    Perhaps something a little softer might work better next year?

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