Meghan Markle is borrowing this from Pippa Middleton for her wedding day

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  • We didn't see that one coming

    You know the drill, we won’t know who Meghan’s wedding dress designer will be (although at this stage it feels like it’s a toss between Erdem and Ralph & Russo), however what we can reveal is that shoe designer Aruna Seth is in the running to dress the bride on Saturday.

    Having had experience dressing the Royals before (Princess Eugenie and Beatrice have worn her designs, and Pippa Middleton chose her shoes for her wedding day), Aruna is well versed in Royal confidentiality, so she couldn’t reveal too much, but here’s what she told us.

    Meghan Markle might wear lace wedding shoes

    Aruna reveals, that while ‘the shoes are top secret’,  they’re likely to involve lace.

    ‘Our bridal Chantilly lace is the finest lace in the world made by artisans in Paris, and this lace is renowned for being worn by royal families over the years. The Royal family have very specific requests when it comes to their shoes,’ she says.

    Meghan Markle will wear comfortable shoes

    ‘Greeting so many people throughout the day from heads of state to other members of The Royal family, Meghan’s shoes will have to be comfortable to ensure she is smiling, at ease and confident.’

    She ‘will choose a heel height she is used to, she normally wears round 100 and 110mm on her heel. On her wedding day she will choose a heel height that is familiar to her so she can walk gracefully down the aisle in front of millions of viewers around the world.’

    Meghan Markle will adopt the Queen’s shoe hack

    Did you know the Queen has someone who breaks in her shoes for her? While Meghan won’t actually hire someone to do the job for her, she will need to wear her shoes in.

    Aruna says, ‘It’s important Meghan acquires a special non-slip sole, for when she walks down the aisle and stairs at the chapel. Nothing can be left to chance as the wedding will be televised and all eyes will be on her. Meghan will also need to wear the shoes for the rehearsals to make sure the shoes will fit for the day.’

    This is how much Meghan Markle’s wedding shoes will cost

    Aruna’s shoes start at £200 and go up to £2,000, and Meghan’s will be at the higher end of the budget, with Aruna predicting they will cost between £1,500 and £2,000.

    She won’t get the shoes for free

    Aruna says, ‘The royal family cannot accept gifts, they have to pay for everything.’

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